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Is Your Marketing Tradeshow-Ready?

With tradeshow season upon us, now is the time to make your plans. Tradeshows help organizations build brand awareness, launch new products and develop customer relationships. Depending on the industry and event’s scope, exhibiting at a trade show is a great investment for growing business – that’s if your communications strategy is on point. Use these tips to impact show buyers in print, web and onsite:

Make digital design your central focus.

Good web design is your lifeline to customers and should be your first priority in tradeshow prep. Social media banners should also integrate with your brand. Prospects look to websites and digital channels before, during and after the event to help them make purchase decisions.

Contact attendees directly.

If the tradeshow organizer offers a way for you to get in touch with registered attendees by mail or email, take advantage of the opportunity. Sending promotions to this captive audience helps familiarize prospects with your brand and build relationships, pre- or post-event.

Think 3-D.

Visualize the size, shape and orientation of your booth to create a welcoming space for attendees. Large, inviting backdrops and banners with simple messaging and brand-powered graphics capture attention. An open layout keeps people in your booth to help you capture leads.

Tap into other senses.

Interactive media  helps immerse the viewer in your brand story and improves engagement in a visually stimulating environment like a tradeshow. Using audio, video or animated materials better conveys the value of your goods and services – the benefits of purchase become more tangible.

Create noteworthy takeaways.

Tradeshow attendees are often overloaded with goodies to sift through when they return home. Ensure your branded collateral is high quality. Think about the impression you want to make when you are not face-to-face with your prospect.

Choose useful or memorable giveaway items. Brochures and sell sheets should be professionally printed. Even business cards can be highly impactful when properly executed.

Don’t delay.

Try not to wait until the last minute to design your exhibit and materials. Whenever the word “RUSH” is added, you’ll take on extra costs with production and shipping. Planning ahead can often save your budget.

If you’re currently prepping for your next tradeshow experience, consider working with a marketing firm to help your booth visitors feel inspired and educated. A branding and web design agency like Greenleaf Media will know the best practices to maximize your impact. For more information on web, print or other marketing services, reach out to the Greenleaf team. We’re here to help.

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