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With the New Year in full swing, you’re probably starting to put together your marketing plan for 2019. If you’re looking for a fresh idea, an emerging trend is video marketing. When you first think of video marketing, it may sound intimidating, unattainable, and time-consuming, but now it’s easier than ever before and video has become a staple in any good marketing strategy.

Video has grown so much over the past few years88% of businesses say that it is an important part of their marketing plan. This is because the way consumers engage with content is always evolving and now 80% of consumers would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog. Because video is so visual, 40% of consumers state that video increases the chances they’ll purchase a product.

It’s clear that this easily digestible and quickly sharable form of content is taking over. There are several different ways you can effectively use video for your business, here are a few to get you started –

1. Customer Testimonials

Word-of-mouth marketing is still a valuable way to increase awareness for your business. Instead of simply adding a text box on your website, a more engaging way to feature a testimonial is through video. This way potential customers can see and feel the impact your business has made with other clients.

2. Facility Tours

To increase transparency with potential clients, try creating a virtual facility tour that you can post on your website. Potential customers can’t always visit your business in person, but it can be important for them to get insight on the space and amenities included.

3. Create 1:1 Videos

As consumers get bogged down with emails, a different way to communicate is by sending them a video. This could be in response to a question, a way to deliver support, or to just say thanks. Sending a video can be a compelling way to deliver a message that stands out.

4. Use Video as a Training Tool

Since 65% of the world consists of visual learners, creating a video as a training tool can help consumers understand your product. You can create videos for FAQs, or post how to videos so viewers can easily follow along. You can even use video internally to help train employees.

5. Take Your Video 360

Posting a 360-degree video can provide a unique experience for viewers by creating an immersive atmosphere where they can control their perspective. It’s an impactful way to allow people to interact with content and give them a taste of an experience.

Want to step up your video marketing efforts this year? Greenleaf Media’s marketing team is here to help! Contact us today.