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Organizations are starting to reopen but there is still a level of uncertainty and people remain cautious as we dive into the new normal. As people start to venture out, it is important that your organization continues to adapt by giving people resources to get out and do it safely.

These evolving changes have disrupted our daily lives and organizations now need to rebalance their priories. In this new normal organizations will need to rethink their business models to support a contact-free economy.

Meet people where they are

With the ever-evolving landscape, it’s important to listen to your audience and understand how their needs have shifted. Learn what are they are searching for and develop strategic approaches to align your organization with society’s changing needs.

Pay attention to what people are saying online through comments and reviews to gauge people’s needs. Look at real-time data and searches to discover how to can equip your organization and make meaningful changes that will allow people to engage with you.

Start by analyzing engagement on social media to see what is resonating with your target audience to supply more of the information they are looking for. In addition to evaluating your own social media, look at what other similar organizations are posting on their platforms and how people are responding.

Identify popular keywords and searches so you can answer similar questions and incorporate relevant content on your own site. You can analyze keywords through various tools like Google’s Keyword Planner or the Moz Keyword Explorer. Using these tools will help you create a new content plan you can implement in response to people’s needs.

Communicate changes and updates

Use your website and Google My Business profile to spread awareness about your organization’s changes. Many places are conducting business with some restrictions like limited hours and capacity and providing many contact-less services. Provide transparency with your evolving policy changes so people know how to interact with you.

Cover any policy changes and sanitation-adopted safety precautions so people know what to expect. You can use banner ads as a way to post these changes clearly on your website. Use your Google My Business profile to address any changes to your hours and to post any important messages using the COVID-19 posts. This will allow people to see the most up-to-date information as they are searching.

Use social media to keep followers updated quickly and frequently as information changes. Make announcements and encourage people to go to your website for more information. Along with making frequent updates to your website, social media is the most immediate way to get important information out.

You can also develop an FAQ section on your website by assembling a list of questions your audience is likely to ask about new policies and procedures. As new questions arise you can add them to the list and make updates as things change.

Connect in meaningful ways

Now is the time to reach out and let people know you are listening. Identify how your organization can be more philanthropic and share these efforts with your audience. Show people how you are supporting them in their time of need by putting new policies into place to protect them.

You can also do this by doubling down on your SEO and content marketing. Create content pieces for your audience so they can stay up-to-date and informed about what is going on with your community.

Develop content that’s informative, entertaining and SEO friendly. Adapt your marketing strategy to communicate regularly and relevantly. Create blog posts and articles that focus on ways you can help people and news in your area to keep people informed.

Show your audience you care about their safety by creating a reopening plan and tailoring it to specific people’s needs. As we enter the new normal, different people are going to need different things and there will be various levels of precautions to be mindful of.

At Greenleaf Media we are here to support you as we navigate the new normal.