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Your brand is much more than just your organization name and logo. A good brand communicates what an organization does while distinguishing it from the competition. A brand establishes trust, credibility and expresses how the audience should perceive an organization. According to research, 37% of users will stick with a brand if they are part of a community and 22% of people say authenticity is the most important brand attribute.

As an organization grows and evolves so should the brand. A brand defines your identity so when the branding doesn’t convey the right message it may be time for a different strategy. Rebranding can be as small as changing a font on the logo or as big as changing the name of the organization. The amount of updating your branding needs depends on the reasoning behind the rebrand.

The question on whether or not to rebrand can be a difficult one to answer. So when do you know it’s finally time to call in the experts? Here are 5 reasons why it might be time to consider rebranding.

Your brand no longer reflects your marketing strategy

As an organization evolves sometimes it outgrows the original brand and it might be time to consider a change. Keeping around messaging that doesn’t work can misrepresent the brand message and end up confusing the target audience. You only have 7 seconds to make a first impression, so your brand needs to be well designed with a clear message. Good branding should reflect your overall marketing strategy and when that changes its time to rebrand. 

Your brand doesn’t stand out

A good brand should communicate the purpose of your organization and define a competitive advantage. It only takes 90 seconds for people to make a subconscious judgment about an organization. A compelling brand strategy distinguishes a brand from competitors and creates a memorable relationship with the target audience.

Your brand lacks cohesiveness

To make your brand more memorable it should offer the same experience at every touchpoint. 60% of people expect a consistent brand across all channels so a cohesive brand identity and consistent messaging will increase audience recognition. By unifying a brand an organization can also build trust and credibility.

Your message is unclear

Do you know what an audience thinks of when they first hear your brand name? If the messaging is unclear then it will be challenging to reach an audience and establish positioning. It typically takes 5-7 brand interactions before someone remembers a brand so consistency is important. People may get the wrong perception of a brand through inconsistent or unclear messaging. The messaging should be clear and reflect the audiences an organization is trying to reach.

Your branding is outdated

It’s important for an organization to keep up with current marketing trends. Even subtle changes can make a huge difference and bring a brand into the present. Something as simple a color change can improve brand recognition by up to 80%. If it looks like your brand is speaking to a past decade then its time to consider a rebrand.


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