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Every day this week we have been hit with developments that have initiated a period of uncertainty for everyone. This shift has impacted nearly every industry and people are now increasingly turning to online platforms to research, shop and communicate. The world is pivoting quickly and its time to think about how to be proactive and adapt to the rapidly changing economy.

You can evolve your business by leverage an online strategy through content marketing, social media, and adapting a responsive website to keep people connected to you. Greenleaf Media has been helping more clients work remotely and develop an online presence, which is now more important than ever. Find out how developing an online strategy can leverage your organization.

Increased availability

With an online presence you’re not limited to strict hours of operation and people can view content on their schedule at any time. 81% of people conduct research online before making a decision and a majority does this after work when most traditional organizations are closed. By developing a website you can relay information without increasing your hours.

Provide better support

Any inquiries can now be addressed quicker and easier though options like web forms or chatbots. More than 60% of online users report preferring having websites, apps, or chatbots answer their simpler inquiries. People can also independently find the answers they need through a knowledge base or FAQ section on a website. This kind of support relieves incoming phone calls and saves you more time.

Reach more people easier

An online presence enables searchers to share information and 71% of people who have had a good social media experience are likely to recommend it to others. This easy accessibility increases your to reach to a wider audience outside your local demographic. You can grow your organization and expose your services to an unlimited number of interested people through a website or social media platforms.

Analyze real-time data

Real-time analytics is a great way to yield meaningful results and offer fresh insights on your marketing tactics. By using current data on your website or social media you can identify trends and react to what content is getting the greatest response. You’ll also be able to tell how people are finding you, what devices they’re using and where your visitors live so you can meet their needs.

Expanded marketing opportunities

A digital presence makes it easy to put out fresh marketing quickly and regularly to engage your audience. Online marketing strategies include search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and content marketing. Online marketing strategies are often cheaper than traditional marketing and the success of a campaign can be tracked through real-time data.

If you’re ready to take the plunge into developing an online strategy, contact the experts at Greenleaf Media.