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Did you know that website and email personalization can greatly improve your user engagement? Regardless of your business sector, personalization is a powerful tool to engage visitors and increase user satisfaction.

Sounds great. But what exactly is personalization? Let’s break it down. At Greenleaf Media, we know that in order to keep visitors on your website, you need to engage them immediately. One of the best ways you can do this is through website personalization. This is the process of displaying the most relevant content for each user on your website to help them effortlessly find what they’re seeking. 

This article highlights how to make the most of personalization >

SEO Campaign Solid Investment

As we know, this global pandemic has affected nearly every facet of life. Because of imposed regulations and health concerns, our habits have changed from visiting physical locations to searching online for most goods and services. This increased focus on e-commerce means search engine optimization is a very smart investment for both the present and future of your organization. Building and implementing a strong SEO strategy can weather uncertain times and keep your organization relevant to target audiences

In this article, we’ll cover best practices including header tags, metadata, and url structure >

Organizations are starting to reopen but there is still a level of uncertainty and people remain cautious as we dive into the new normal. As people start to venture out, it is important that your organization continues to adapt by giving people resources to get out and do it safely.

 Learn how to navigate the new normal and support a contact-free economy >

Cookie Law

In today’s digital world, your search habits are tracked by data known as cookies. With user privacy becoming a growing concern for Internet users, lawmakers are trying to increase the transparency between personal data and how it’s being used on websites. As these regulations roll out, the biggest question is how it impacts your business website.

Learn about more about website cookies and how Cookie Law applies to you >

Domain Authority is a system that scores the quality of your site content. The better your site content the higher your ranking. If the content on your site demonstrates that you are an expert in your industry your Domain Authority will be higher.

Your Domain Authority ranking will predict how well a website will rank on search engine result pages. Do you know what your Domain Authority score is? Learn more about Domain Authority and how it can increase your search engine ranking >

Having a website has become essential. The internet has changed the way people interact with different organizations, and now the first place they look for more information is your website. People are doing their research before taking action and they are looking at things like price, location, and reviews during their search.

To be successful your website doesn’t have to be complex, but it does have cater to your visitor’s needs and allow them to find information easily. Before you get caught up in the bells and whistles of web design, go back to the basics and make sure your site has these essentials >

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