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If you are not a BRAND, you are a COMMODITY. –Philip Kotler

You don’t want to be a commodity.

Nobody remembers a commodity. Nobody pays a premium for a commodity or tells their friends about it. If your customers aren’t making a conscience decision to choose your product or service over another, then it’s time to rebrand.

First, you need to identify why you’re not connecting with your audience. How did you get to this point? What problems will your rebrand solve?

Here are 5 compelling reasons to rebrand.

Experts are predicting the “death” of the mobile web in 2014.

Wait a minute…what? Does that mean you don’t have to worry about what your website looks like on smartphones and tablets?

Exactly the opposite.

It means you have to start thinking beyond traditional mobile. You have to consider what your website is going to look like on every screen imaginable—from smartphones, to TVs, to screens that haven’t even been invented yet. The sky’s the limit on how “smart” everything is about to become.

Learn how to keep your website alive now and into the future.

Yeah, we said it —“information superhighway.” As in, are you still partying like it’s 1999? If your website still has mall hair, you might need a website redesign.

No doubt, you know the value of your site to your business. But do you know if it’s working for and not against you? Is it working as hard as it should be?

If you’re not staying up-to-date with the last technology and web marketing tactics, you just might find yourself on the road to nowhere—the place once relevant companies go to retire.

Stay relevant. Take our short quiz to find out if you need a website redesign.

Happy New Year! It's always nice to start a new year with positive change. We're settling into our new digs at 1917 Winnebago Street. The new space gives Greenleaf room for expansion and keeps us in the same great east side neighborhood.

What are your plans for the new year? Let us know if we can help!